Whiplash Auto Injury Treatment Sandy UTWhiplash is an event not a condition.  It is when a sudden rapid change in movement to the head and neck occurs relative to the rest of the body.  This type of movement happens in less than a second (approximately 300-milliseconds) and cannot be controlled by the body’s muscles.


It is referred to as a acceleration-deceleration injury which may occur in car accidents (rear or side impacts), slip/falls, and sporting injuries.

This type of injury typically results in injury to the supporting soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels and nerves) of the head, neck, shoulders, back and jaw.  Whiplash type injuries are not typical soft tissue injuries like if you were to sprain your ankle….they tend to BREAK ALL THE RULES. Contact Anderson Chiropractic today and let our Sandy Chiropractor help you with your treatment and recovery.

Auto Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Sandy UTWith typical soft tissue injuries, the following would apply:

  1. Onset of pain/stiffness is seen in 24-hours.
  2. Gradual improvement is seen in the first week.
  3. Controlled limited symptoms.
  4. Symptoms typically resolve in 6-8 weeks.

With Whiplash type injuries, we follow these rules:

  1. Onset of pain/stiffness may not fully develop for weeks (late onset Whiplash).
  2. Improvement may be slow initially and take weeks.
  3. Variety of complex symptoms.
  4. Depending on the studies you are looking at, 45-58% of the people involved will have symptoms several years after the injury.

Not every car accident is the same nor is every injury.  For example, did you know most whiplash-type injuries occur in a car accident BELOW 12-MPH.  In addition, did you know most newer vehicles withstand collisions between 8-12 with little to no visible damage to the car?  This means you can be involved in a car accident and your car could show little to no damage.  Also, you have a GREATER chance of more severe symptoms in this type of scenario!!!  If the car shows no damage…will the doctor or even the insurance company believe I’m injured?


Of course not….actually there are no studies that demonstrate low property damage would result in a lower chance of injury.  Just like there are no studies that demonstrate higher property damage would result in an increased chance of injury.  It is important not only important to identify and treat whiplash injuries, but it is just as important to know how to properly document these injuries for insurance companies and additional third party payers.

In Utah, auto accident cases are a little unique as there is no out-of-pocket expense to the patient.  We have a special type of insurance called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) that is already built into your car insurance plan for injuries sustained in car accidents.  In addition, Utah state statue does not allow an insurance company to increase your insurance rates in case you have to file a claim.

Dr. Ken Andersen treats whiplash injuries virtually everyday in his practice.  To him, this type of injury remains one of the more complex and serious conditions he treats.   Dr. Andersen has been successfully treating whiplash injuries since 2001.

Whiplash Chiropractor in Sandy

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