Chiropractor Draper Utah

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Draper Chiropractic Exams

A comprehensive chiropractic exam can tell you exactly what's going on with your body and what can be done to improve your overall quality of life. Dr. Andersen can help you understand your body and the source of what may be causing you pain.

Draper Chiropractic Adjustments

After the initial examination, Dr. Andersen can then provide a chiropractic adjustment in order to correctly align your spine to provide relief of muscle tension and relieve strain on the spine

Chiropractic Care in Draper Utah

Chiropractor Draper Utah

Established in 1849, Draper is located on the south end of the Salt Lake Valley. It is home to Traverse Ridge, known locally as "the point of the mountain". Traverse Ridge is an extremely popular destination for hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts.

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