It is estimated that approximately 3-million people are injured each year from automobile accidents. These accidents, at any speed, are serious business. Symptoms can include neck pain, headaches, arm pain, fatigue and much more depending on the severity of injury. It is important to choose a doctor with the understanding and specialized qualifications in treating these types of injuries.


Auto Accident Specialist FACTS…

Most injuries occur at speeds BELOW 12 MPH…However most vehicles can often withstand collision of speeds of 10 MPH (some more).

The chance of sustaining a whiplash type injury is greater when your car is hit for behind.

Whiplash affects women more than men.

A delay in the onset of symptoms has been found to be the “Norm” rather than the “Exception”…Research shows that symptoms may be delayed from days to months or years

Up to 10% of victims of “Whiplash” become totally disabled!

Chiropractic care aids in the recovery of whiplash injuries.

Dr. Andersen is certified in Motor Vehicle Occupant Injuries (MVOI) with a board certification in impairment ratings. He is well trained in the treatment, management, and documentation of these types of injuries.

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