Spinal Disc Injury Chiropractor in SandyThe excruciating pain from spinal discs can make a person be in agony and feel helpless.  The pain can be constant with everything making the pain worse.  Between each spinal bone (vertebra) is a very strong cartilage called intervertebral disc.  These discs can be injured due to trauma or just to a person’s lifestyle.  In addition, this cartilage will slowly “wear out” or degenerate with age (this process can start in our mid 20’s).

Chiropractic treatment for these types of conditions restores proper motion between the disc and vertebra to slow this “wearing out” or degeneration process down as well as decreasing the pain and inflammation.  Dr. Andersen has been specializing in treatment of these types of conditions since 2001.

If you think you might be suffering from a disc injury, contact Dr. Ken Andersen to see if he can help you.


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