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Sports Injuries: What a Sandy Chiropractor Can Do For You

Professional athletes, semi-professional athletes, churchballers, weekend warriors, company soft ball players, no matter what kind of athlete you are one thing is common to all: injuries. Injuries happen when you play sports; it’s a fact of life. When you’re injured, it is imperative to receive the proper treatment. Just like any other injury, you want to make sure that the care being provided is ideal for the injury you’re suffering from. That being said, how can a chiropractor help you with a sports injury?

In order to understand how a chiropractor can help, it’s important to understand what causes the injury in the first place. In the case of contact sports, this can sometimes be more than obvious.

Sandy Chiropractor sports injury

“I have no idea where I got this concussion!”

Other injuries are not so obvious, such as muscle pulls and strains or sprains in the joints. More often than not, the cause of these injuries is simply the lack of proper stretching or not warming up properly. If you’ve ever strained a muscle lifting a box around the house, this is the same concept. A simple stretch before you lifted that box would have saved you several days of pain. Due to the nature of most sports, they must stretch and warm up much longer than you would before lifting that box.

Sports chiropractics  is all about taking all things into consideration and taking a balanced approach to treating sports injuries. Chiropractors can help an athlete prevent injury by keep the spinal segments aligned properly which allows the athlete to improve his posture and making injuries less likely to occur. This will also help increase mobility, which combined with proper stretching can prevent many injuries.

Sports Injuries a Sandy Chiropractor Can Help Treat

Back injuries – Given the nature of a chiropractor, this one’s pretty obvious. Chiropractors can use a combination of massage and spinal alignment to treat any number of sports injuries. These injuries can be extremely painful and sometimes downright debilitating. Back pain can affect every part of your life and a good chiropractor can get you back up and moving so you can get back on the field.

Neck injuries – Like back injuries, neck injuries have a drastic effect on your quality of life. By ensuring that the disks in your neck and back are properly aligned, chiropractors can be an essential tool in the treatment of neck injuries.

Joint Injuries – Joint injuries are some of the most common injuries for athletes, chiropractors help ensure that the joint is functioning properly. If you have a joint out, chiropractors can help relax the muscles around the joint so that it can either ease itself into place or be eased back into place.

Muscle injuries – Treatment of muscle injuries often go hand in hand with the treatment of joint injuries. By ensuring the joints are properly treated, it will also help in the healing of muscles. Muscles around injured joints will get tense in order to protect the injured joint. Making sure joints are properly aligned will also help with the healing of muscle injuries.

If you’re an athlete of any kind, it’s important to be aware of the options if and when an injury occurs. Sandy chiropractors can be a valuable tool in the treatment and prevent of sports-related injuries.

Dr. Ken Andersen is a chiropractor in Sandy, UT and can do wonders to get you back on the field and keep you there.

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